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Baking BREAD From (23 Years) STORED Wheat!

So, you’re storing wheat! Have you ever tried to make bread with it? Trying to learn how to make bread when the grid goes down is a day late and dollar short. LEARN NOW!

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  1. Everyone should learn to make a sour dough starter. If we can’t buy from the store you won’t be getting packets of yeast either to make your bread.

  2. Great video! I’ve converted our household to freshly milled whole wheat for about 6 months. Saw a Video by Sue Becker at Bread Beckers, Staff of Life, it was life changing. I make bread, dinner rolls, pizza crusts, english muffins, cream of wheat, biscuits, cookies, muffins, cakes, etc out of milled wheat berries, soft whike, Einkorn, hard white, hard red and rye. Your body will thank you!

  3. The seed bank is stored in the earth for decades and possibly centuries. Yah has done this and at the right time he will cause them to sprout and grow.
    I have wheat and use it fairly often. I have made sourdough Challah and regular sandwich bread each one has taken several failures to get it done. The one thing I have found is the whole wheat needs extra water to make it work and it really goes to how it feels.

  4. The likes on this video when I got here was at 777, I don’t want to be the one to change it so not hitting the like on this one….LOL Sorry Zac 🙂

  5. Just wanted to say Happy Sabbath & thanks for the good advice on the bread, I used what I call instant sour dough (couldn’t remember what you called it) and my bread came out amazing!!

  6. Zack, I make my own yeast. When you boil potatoes for mashed potatoes, strain the water into a bowl and let sit overnight. The gel that forms on top is yeast. I have an unfinished wooden bowl that I use a spoon to skim the gel off and paint the I side of the bowl. You keep doing this and letting it dry until 1 inch thick. Then cut into 1 inch squares, which equals 1 tablespoon of yeast, only in cake form. I have also used the water right after boiling the potatoes and after it cools down to make bread right away. It is a powerful yeast. The first time I did it and used it, my bread was 3 times normal size and my rolls looked the an overgrown doughboy. Lol. They were like 4 normal rolls in one. Also the flavor is out of this world. It us how our forefathers made their yeast. I did a lot if research to find out how the pioneers and our grandparents made yeast because they did not purchase it. This is what I found. Beautiful loaves of bread.. They might be denser than white but packed with flavor and goodness. I love seeing your homemade bread. Lol I can smell and taste them. Great job.

  7. I was thinking the same thing about endosperm..22 yr old wheat berries were whole probably not sprayed n genuine food

  8. I’ve never punched down any bread 4 times. Did that make the bread more dence? Making it sourdough might be even better.

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us! I recently made sourdough bread and my first time wondered why it wasn’t pretty like the ones I had seen other people making, then I realized it was because they were using store bought wheat and mine is self ground. It makes the bread darker and more gritty( I don’t think that’s a good description), anyway theirs were softer than mine.

  10. Thanks so much for this video. I have wheat stored, I have a hand crank mill that I’ve never used and now I have an example that looks like I could do it. 🙂

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