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Don’t Buy The WRONG Kitchen Pitcher Pump

Through a lot of trial and error, we have finally discovered a kitchen pump that works well off grid and meets our needs. See all the wrong pumps to avoid and why to avoid them. See the prices of the pumps on the market today!

There is not a lot of demand for quality pitcher pumps these days. But for those of us looking to bring in our own water rather than pay for fluoridated and chlorinated water provided by local utilities, it becomes an area of renewed focus.

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Some of the 38 bottles of the  2014 vintage getting their lables today.

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  1. Good video with some sense for a change from the usual Youtube nonsense. Nice pump too.

    Cheap hardware store pitcher pumps are garbage. They swiftly rust into junk and draw poorly. Quality pitcher pumps are not self-priming but look classically pretty in a kitchen. You can prime them without water after maintenance or as otherwise necessary by hooking a short garden hose (I bought an RV hose for ~ 10 bucks) to your threaded faucet then connecting the other end to a manual diaphragm pump (~88 bucks) like a Bosworth. I use mine to prime my electric well and as backup in power outages. Another Youtuber attached his to his well head as manual backup but I find leaving mine loose more convenient. I scrapped my pitcher pumps and will never buy another unless it’s stainless steel and reasonably priced. Bosworth also make pedal pumps which would be ideal for indoor use while freeing the operators hands. Those could be connected to a classic pitcher pump to preserve the old style kitchen look we love. Those interested in diaphragm pumps may find them at your local boat supply but I bought mine online.
    This guy made a decent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC93xYas-CQ

  2. Our of grid cabin goes without heat in the winter between visits. Sometimes it gets below freezing. Does this pump self drain?

  3. I want to buy this pump but I will have to install it myself and I’m not sure how to go about it can you recommend a video how to install

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I am building a rainwater cistern under my house and wanted the exact same thing—a pitcher pump at my kitchen sink. This is very helpful.

  5. I saw this video a while ago and am very happy to have found it again. Thank you for all of your videos. Very helpful.

  6. Once you go off grid you can still pressurize the water. If you have a windmill you can lift the water to an elevated tank. If you have solar with battery pack you can use an electric pump. Either will allow you to use the faucets more conducive to kitchen operations.

  7. my grandma’s sink had a long drain board with the pump installed and and drips went in the sink.

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