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Recruiting Goals Are Not Being Met – And They Don’t Know Why

Both the US and British military is experiencing some harsh realities when it comes to recruitment.



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  1. Kids from Red State America don’t want to serve in a woke military. I was in the Army back when Clinton instituted “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” and I remember people saying it was the Camel’s nose under the tent for other nonsense and they were right.

  2. All I see today is sexual deviance, political corruption, predatory lending, rapid inflation, legalization of drug abuse, poisoned food supply, a sick care system, super shitty public schools, an erosion of intellectual knowledge, rampant unchecked crime, woke behavior, and a national debt that can never be paid back. WHO would sacrifice their children grandchildren or themselves to protect that? Really?

  3. AAH – My husky pup came from the breeder with Giardia. I’m on round number six of vet treatment. I’ve been very careful with cleaning etc…. I take her out on leash, and dispose of her poop. I’m wondering if ivermectin or diatomaceous earth would help? Do you have any experience with Giardia? Thanks!

  4. I bought a used car 3 and a half years ago:$11K. That same vehicle (year and mileage wise updated) is now well over: $20K. That’s how much the US dollar has declined. We’re crashing.

  5. I retired after 20 years from active duty in 2014, and I can give you PAGES of reasons I would NOT recommend ANYONE join today. And those pages of reasons wouldn’t even cover the current military conflicts all over the world. I’m just talking about how the military culture has changed since I enlisted in 93 to today. No way in hell I would enlist today with how the military was when I retired a decade ago, and it is much worse now than it was when I retired. I still have a few friends on active duty and the things I hear from them…

    And then add on how the various governments have been treating all those ‘evil racists’ white people for the last decade in the name of ‘diversity’ anyone with a functioning brain can figure out why people who have been demonized for the color of their skin for the last decade don’t want to volunteer to die for those same people who have been demonizing them.

  6. I totally agree. I encouraged my son to join in 2020…. By the grace of God he came home for good last week! We have a long line of service in our family but I believe he will be the last. He had an awful experience between the lies they fed him to get him to join, to having his tires slashed on base. I regret telling him to enlist.

  7. My question is, how many recruits are they getting that actually hate the country they live in? Im speaking of the US and UK. California is supposedly giving illegals police jobs, and I know for a fact they are signing them up with their voter registration. A good friend of mine has a brother working at the DMV in Cali and is proud of how many illegals they are getting DL and voter registration. I know there is a saying, don’t account for malice what can be explained by ignorance (or something like that) but at this point I think I will say this is all done with malice. No way these people are just this stupid.

  8. I agree. I have both sides of my family and multiple generations since we came here from Germany as well but having all boys i have told them and continue to tell them i would not got and serve today. I wouldnt follow these idiots to a suggested restaurant much less into battle. Good luck snowflakes put your actions where your mouth is. Show us how good you really think you are.

  9. I’m trying out the weed barrier this year. I’ve never grown food here before but its looking like we will finally have a chance at growing a good amount of food. We got 12 yards of compost delivered today. I’m feeling that plant all the things drive right now. Im looking forward to the next few weeks.
    My family has served since The Revolutionary War. Our oldest served in the Army. My son will be last service member we have. His experience (almost 10 years ago) showed us that the military has lost its way. The last few years have simply driven that nail home.

  10. Because they pump cemtrails in the sky all day long, advertise grub-hub, uber eats, add estrogen to everything, and promote homosexuality.

  11. We qre not dealing with nor producing the same quality if men our grand or great grandparents were. Nor the same quality of women that a man would want to fight and protect.

  12. You want men to serve. First you need leaders that can be trusted this administration can’t be. Look what happened in Afghanistan.

  13. Look at what they did at the border
    We need our men here at home to protect us. Cause our government won’t

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