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Real Homesteaders Won’t Send Kids To College!

Would you rather be in debt building a homestead with your family or be in debt sending your kids to a school to learn things that won’t matter in life?



Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

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  1. I got one of your perfect pickler value fermentation package kits and it definitely works so thank you but sadly one of your Clearview Airlocks was broken, I’ve reached out to the lady it said to contact about a week ago so hopefully she can send me another airlock. I’ve had fermented red cabbage and garlic for two days and its really good.

  2. Are you the one who did the video on the barbie movie a while back? I can’t find it now and wanted to show someone. Does anyone have the link? Or if it was someone else’s video, does anyone remember who did it? Thanks.

  3. Debt free at 28. I have a rule of thumb. If I can’t afford it without borrowing money, I don’t need it. I went to trade school for free in high school. I became a certified welder. I worked a few crap shop welding jobs before finding union building trades jobs. I worked shutdown at mills and power plants (often 7-12s). I used those funds to buy tools and equipment to start my own welding and fabrication business. I have a 3 acre homestead, fully owned, where I grow 90% of my family’s food. I run my business from my garage. I got a freeze dryer to preserve food I grow, as well as in the name of Preparedness. I started another business freeze drying candy. This being said, you don’t need a degree to succeed in life. I’m off grid with next to no bills with a nice newer truck, and a full off grid homestead.

  4. right now in my area, skilled labor is ruling the day. If you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, or any type of labor skill, you can name your price. If I were younger, I would be out making money. Big opportunities for people who know how to hustle for a buck.

  5. At a very young age my sons and daughters were taught about God, to box, run, swim, hunt, shoot, sew, cook, dance, manners, respect, and work about any tool or machine I had. When then went to college, which they paid for, they were able to withstand being brainwashed by the professors and lost kids who were confused about life. Love for family and being present for my children has paid huge dividends.

  6. Whenever I have kids and it’s college time. I’m sending them to trade schools. Only because the government requires educational extortion to do your job on the book. My uncle got hired and promoted on the spot for unofficial experience. If he went to trade school, he could have gotten hired earlier. Especially because it’s a government job. His boss with the college degree makes 3x more doing nothing.

  7. Our children wouldn’t go.
    It has become a money making scam, while being another tool to delay development into productive adults and indoctrinate them all the while. It is a machine to turn out useful idiots. (for the most part)
    Apprenticeship or trade school or start your own business!

  8. I can’t even listen to this. Your generalizations are just as rediculous as the far left, different viewpoint, but just as dishonest. Nothing but a muck raker trying to make a buck like all the other talking heads.

  9. Everything taught in college these days has some sort of worldly twist too…if you want to be a gardener, they will teach you how to spray plants with chemicals. If you want to learn how to be a teacher, you have to teach what they want you to teach. If you want to learn therapeutic massage, there are new age principals you will be exposed to…etc. There is just so much evil in the system. I told my 14 year old daughter that she could go to college if she wants, but to be guarded if she chooses that route because there is so much out there being taught that is not good. Thankfully she has no desire to go to college! And as I have learned about the truth of things, I have realized that the people running the colleges and making the curriculums are the same people funding and running the medical facilities where the college trained people work. Some of these are the same people who own or have stocks in the pharmaceutical companies making money off of the drugs they sell through the doctors that they essentially trained…hmm…yeah.

  10. Totally agree with not recommending my kids going to uni or college. My 19yo got into university and thankfully took a gap year, got a job and started to save … and is about to launch his clothing business. I’m hoping I can encourage the other kids to do the same. In Australia they moved from free university to paid in 1987. I paid $200 in 87, $800 in 88 and $1000 in 89 – this was for a teaching degree in Business, Accounting and Legal Studies. I taught for 6 months and realised the curriculum was not what I wanted to teach and continually changing so gave that up. Then in the mid 1990’s I did studies for recreation management – that cost me a few thousand. For a job with the Australian scientific research organisation they required me to do further studies but luckily paid for it – I ended up with a Masters in Commercial Law. I walked away from corporate in 2016 and we are working our way out of debt and into acreage homestead living. School/University = indoctrination into the agenda.

  11. I’m a homeschooling, suburban (hopefully only temporarily) homesteading mom. I’m teaching my son critical thinking and the value of working with your hands. I’m showing him that he can learn anything he wants without a degree.

    At 10 years old, he loves engineering. He loves the process of figuring out how to make things do things. However, what he really wants to do is blacksmith. We found a kids blacksmith program in the city about 45 minutes away for ages 11 and up. As soon as he turns 11, this June, he and his dad will be working on learning blacksmithing together.

  12. I’m not sending my kids to college for those reasons AND I talked to a college professor and all them kids (middle and highschoolers too) are using AI to write their papers!!! So what are they learning? How to plagiarize/cheat?! No thanks, they can learn a trade or start their own business.

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