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Homesteads Are SHEEPDOG Factories

Sheepdogs are often misunderstood among the sheep. Here are my reasons why homesteads are great sheepdog factories.



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  1. I can LOADS of broths! I feel it’s so important. Nutrition and flavor to add to other foods make it worth it. I strain some of the fat. But, not all of it. I LIKE to have a fat cap on my broths and meats. I have just as much broth canned as I do meats. You and a lot of others aren’t going to like this part. Ham broth is my favorite. Made from the scraps and bone of the ham. Simmered at least 24 hours. I understand why you don’t eat pork. I hope you understand why I DO. We do believe differently on that. But, it’s not a hang up for me like some that like to use it as a “judging stone”. Anyway, Ham is my fav and chicken is second. I have smoked turkey broth also and regular. The smoked is really good but, can only be used for certain things in my opinion. Also, thank you for those medicinal books. I did join for the dollar just for those. I have them printed off and in page protectors in big binders. I so appreciate that you did that. THANK YOU!! May The Most High bless you for it!! I don’t do much of Patreon anymore. I just don’t have the time to watch it.

  2. Our boys are familiar with guns, but will check out the series you referenced. Got 6 boys and 2 daughters, homeschooled, and we are raising sheepdogs! No softies here!

  3. What is the name of the piece your intro music comes from? I’ve been trying to find it for a long time. Thanks for all you do.

  4. I downloaded the books from your Patreon and so far love them. I believe they were written in 1983 though so the books are about 40
    Years old. The author went to Michigan State University as well as other universities.

  5. Good insights into the way men are (and should be), but you lost me on the turkey stock.
    Turkey is the most tasteless meat there is. JMO. lol

  6. I’ve felt the same wa about the video games, flashing lights on videos and music,.. So many folks are screwed up due to the videos and games.
    I joined patrion a few months ago but never figured out how to get the pdf downloads of the books tgatcare out of print. Can y’all send me a link? Tgank yall. Blessings, julie

  7. Seems like the homesteads are kinda in sync without being connected haha. We just canned a ton of venison, bone, sheep, veggie and goat broth! Sheep go “baaaa” sheep dog with pew pew goes “brrrrrrrt”.

    We are called to be watchers on the wall. This is awesome, and I love that you tied it back in with biblical references. After owning goats and sheep, it is pretty interesting to almost always find them separate from each other. I think we are already there we are forcing ourselves to become sheepdogs.

  8. Zach, you are spot on. I do believe we are about to experience some very hard times, and most likely a series of widespread terrorist attacks. Interestingly the Fed.gov is trying with all their might to make us into sheep. Keep spreading the truth. Working to expand our homestead here this year.

  9. Keep the fat or collect all of it and render it to use for cooking. Duck makes a wonderful stock and is has so much fat.

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