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You Can’t Be A LIBERAL Homesteader Today

Is it possible to be an off grid homesteader and still be a blue voter? Can you realistically vote for the people who are actively trying to take your lifestyle away from you?



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  1. ground predators are not a problem as dogs/cats and pews can handle them….my problem is hawks/eagles/owls are some fast flyers. So they get greens delivered to their run because God helped me get a flock and I don’t like to feed the wildlife. And yes my little dino’s will take out anything smaller then them(cats learned the hard way to leave the hens alone).

  2. Yeah. I’ve wondered the same things. Gun owners voting for people who want to ban guns…of course… their guns won’t be banned, only other people’s.

    The wood stove thing too….yep…vote for people who want you to be cold. Food…yep…vote for people who want you to be hungry. It just goes on and on.

  3. I will assert,sir, that the blue lady in a sea of red in your state is originally NOT from your state, but fled to there to escape the bad results of her idiotic voting! practices

  4. Coyotes and stray dogs coons apossum foxes Bob cats will kill your livestock you have a right.to protect your livestock in most.ststes. it’s a shame that people.cant free range over predators killing everything you can’t just leave.your chickens out and take off to the store something can run through your property while your out and kill.everything you ago. People don’t trap as much as they should or take care.of.preadators when they actually have to raise food to survive and there no longer a wally world they will wise up or they won’t survive.

  5. Zach, I’m so happy to be living in the sea of red! I thank God for you and your wisdom (so young to be so wise)! You make me smile! I have cognitive dissonance when thinking about a liberal homesteader. It doesn’t compute.

  6. honestly some nyquill and vicks work better for me. ive got an extensive herb garden and they dont do a damn thing but make a decent tea

  7. JBS Foods is definitely in the wrong state to be any business, let alone beef provider ! Bet they wish they had left NY decades ago !

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