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Off Grid Living – Canning Tomatoes

A lot of tomatoes! We are harvesting as much produce as we can from the summer garden in order to have a lot of food options this winter. We are reducing our dependence on the outside world as much as possible and to do that you MUST GROW FOOD…lots of it. So with that in mind, another batch of tomato sauce goes into the pantry!

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Comment (19)

  1. i hate to say it but those plastic buckets are not food grade so your organic food now has bap leaching into your food you worked so hard to keep pure. Lows has food grade buckets

  2. I love these videos. This is just a suggestion but you might want to wear hats and sunscreen since you spend a lot of time outdoors. It looks like Jamie’s face is getting a bit sunburned.

  3. Hi, love your videos! I was curious how many tomato pants did you have to plant and how many Jars of sause ect did you get from all of that? Thanks!

  4. i heard your getting some venison , you can dry it but also make stew and can it that way if there is a meal needed in a hurry or your not well , food with no work , can do it with any stew really or soups , oh and i recommend sausages smoke dried sausages  and cheese , you can smoke dry chicken too and duck ,in fact pretty much any meat , but on a cold winter morning nothing beats some smoked sausage and home made beans cooked on a low fire all night , very warming and yummy , another use for those tomatoes 🙂

  5. I just wiz tomatoes in my blender before cooking down and I don’t need to peel skins or worry about seeds… They all just disappear in the blend

  6. You guys have inspired us further after years of research and watching your videos to live off the land. We are so excited to get more resourceful and self sufficient. We know it will be work, but with the right tools and working together we will be happy. We are researching what we want to do to make and sell from home, and what our talents are. Woodworking, making homemade soap, candles from beeswax, maybe selling honey and extra veggies from farm along with my major in writing and media. I plan on having a part-time job somewhere as well as we microfarm. We want to farm for us, not to have a huge farm to work at with tons of animals, just a few chickens, 2 cows, 2 goats, some bees, and whatever is economical for us. Mainly we want to go back to living as the Amish do, but still have a couple comforts and grow and cook our own healthy food, herbs, flowers, and teas. THANK YOU!

  7. That is cool . My wife and I love your videos. We are saving as much as we can to get our homestead. Your videos are our motivation to keep working.

  8. Hey guys, great video’s. Just a small tip. If you cut an X on the bottom of the tomato it helps the skin separate from the tomato.The corners of the X will curl outward allowing you to easily peel the tomato in 4 pieces.

  9. love your vlogs great inspiration. this year i put all my tomatoes through the food mill simmered them down 40 to 50% and canned them as tomato paste then you can use that sauce later on for hotdishes and marinades and spaghetti sauce etc… easier to make it fresh from your canned sauce

  10. I used citric acid on my tomatoes and ended up throwing out 24 quarts of my tomatoes. I pressure can tomatoes and do not use ctroc acid.

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