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Cleaning the Lanterns – An American Homestead

**All content used under license – Envato.com**
Cleaning and filling our Kerosene Lanterns are a weekly task but one that is very important during the winter months. The winter months provide much less light and so we are burning these every day.

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  1. Thank you so much for your tips and tricks they have helped us a lot. My wife and I managed to get hold of some surplus lanterns from “civil defence” depot here in Denmark and we are not yet experts like you so your tips came in very handy

  2. Actually, if you let the lamp burn dry, it puts itself out. It won’t burn the wick out. The tip of the wick goes ashy and you can run your finger across it and get an absolutely perfectly straight edge. I have burned many many Dietz lanterns dry and have never had a problem. In fact, I use this as my way to “trim” the wicks and it works really well.

  3. Your voice is so calm, it reflects your slower paced lifestyle 🙂 I looked up the lanterns. They went up to 30 dollars now…yikes!!

  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial!  This may sound silly, but is there a preferred way to turn the lantern off?  Raise the globe and blow it out?  Turn the wick way down?  I have done it both ways but would like to know the best practice.  Thanks

  5. I have two of those walmart lamps. The wick raiser broke on both of them. Easy fix i took the burners apart and soldered the sprockets to the shaft.

  6. Wonderful video dear. Thank you for sharing. I think I can safely use a kerosene lantern now. I’ve only use oil lamps like your Wal-Mart one. I bought two at a garage sale with a ton of oil for $4. One is absolutely beautiful .I bought my first one at an Amish country Store For Less than $ 20. Its Wrought Iron And Hangs On the WAll. It Has A Metal reflector Plate behind it. Now When i use It ill know to Keep The wick turned down.

  7. Actually you want to trim the wick to closer resemble a semicircular shape, just like the shape of the shield that the wick comes out of on the globe riser that you use to light the wick. The reason for doing this is you will create more surface area for the wick to burn and also not only creates way more light it also reduces flame flickering making the lamp more efficient overall

  8. I dont get it . The black wick char coal is the reason your lantern is burning. If u use very clean stove, or lanthern oil there should be no residue built up on the wick. Mine is burning for 6 months 24/7 without trimming it. I always use at leasts 70 centimetres of wick in all off my lanterns.

  9. Check out the website for WT Kirkman, they have an explanation for why the flame shapes are the way they are. You can fine tune the burner by adjusting the shape of the burner cap opening. The flame should be a uniform size and shape, after the first 10 minutes. The lantern needs to be warmed up that long before you adjust it.

  10. Where do you get kerosene? Here it costs $9 a gallon at walmart. That must be way more expensive than electric. But great when the power is out.

  11. This video helped me 6 years after it was posted. My glass would always have a layer of soot. Now I know why. Thanks.
    PS. I feel like my life has changed ever since I started using lanterns around the house. Fluroscent lights are good but they seriously mess up your sleep cycles.

  12. It is a good idea to use a full font of lamp oil for fuel once in a while as it will help lubricate the wick adjuster.

  13. Great Video…. I Am Just Now Getting Into The Dietz #80 Blizzard Lanterns….. Though I Have 12 “Regular” Oil Lamps…

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