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The Absolute Worst Garden Year Ever

I guess it could have been worse so I’m thankful for what I do have. I’ll just keep on growing as best I can.
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Comment (18)

  1. online is also ruined things, stores are closing and just becoming a online stores to higher prices and save money on not having a shop.

  2. Don’t take long to get addicted to stimulus checks I’ll be the first to tell you I didn’t send my check back for the good of the we I should have sorry fellow Americans

  3. Had one semi-fail this year. The field corn. Never planted that before. So I did an experimental patch, prolly 25×40. The goal was to see if I could raise the stuff to grind for grits, meal, masa.

    I ended up with about 5 pounds of corn. I learned a lot, so looking at it that way it was a success. First I learned that you have to plant a LOT of field corn (dent corn). Secondly I saw how the drying process works.

    What they don’t tell you is that your homegrown dried corn has weevils. That I can live with. But, being in the south there is always the possibility of Aflatoxin. I had some suspect ears with just a teensy bit of fuzzy on the ends so I fed all but a jar of seed for next year to my worms in the worm bed. And this was the year for it….a challenging hot and humid year which is primo, they say, for such. I decided better safe than sorry feeling like the corn was prolly OK. I just don’t know enough about Aflatoxin. I drastically needed an old hand to look my corn over…and I don’t have one handy.

    I searched magnificently and there just isn’t a whole lot of info online for the home field corn gardener. Plenty for the big guys…not a whole lot for the little guy. Growing your own grits in the SHTF CAN be done. That much I learned. Man has been doing it in this country for hundreds of years and the Indians did it for thousands. I was most likely being too silly. Need more info!

  4. Good year for zucchini squash, pear tomatoes. Green beans were a small harvest. Corn and grapes not so good. Cantaloupe and watermelon still developing Good news though, I just trapped a groundhog who ate 9 of my beef steak tomatoes over the last week. He is now being re-located.

  5. I’ve tried a new method this year, going back to the old ways. My Grandma used to talk about The Three Sisters method that they would use in Southwest Colorado to grow sweet corn, legumes like peas or runner beans, and squashes of all kinds. Native Americans mounded up organic matter and ashes and grew these three classes of produce plants together for tens of thousands of years. I have had amazing success, and the mound beds have outproduced my formal raised beds by a factor of 5.

  6. Gardens are a struggle this year for sure. I had Frost through the first weekend in July and now everything is starting to fruit and we had 3 nights this week that dipped down to 43° and made me very nervous, especially in my beds that sit in cooler microclimates on the property. Frustrating, last year my gardens went unattended for over a month while we were evacuated for the dixie fire and our town burnt down (we’re outside of town on 50 acres that thankfully did not burn) and this year it’s just not warmed up.

  7. Same here. No or pointy cucs, few blueberries, little tomatoes, puney beans, not one squash or zucchini, the best of my harvest has been red amaranth leaves, kale, herbs oregano lemon balm, few jalapenos, it’s only my 3rd year. I thought it was me and my lack of knowledge in something. We have had no success getting rid of black beetles.

  8. So sorry it was bad! Glad you are still working the garden and the homestead ! Thanks for sharing and encouraging the rest of us out there!

  9. All over in different places nobody has had a good garden los of losses me to. Weird guess we’ll have those. Plant more to make sure you get what you need.. if know a trick to handle white flies on tomatoes let us know.. damn things they attack me well me light on my head , good job thank you

  10. Yep, we planted about 50 tomato plants of varying varieties and didn’t get enough tomatoes to fill a quart jar. Corn failed, as did the peppers, squash, and green beans. The only things that did well was sweet potatoes and purple hull peas.

  11. I finished my second year of a small garden in Central Texas and I’d be delighted if my garden looked even half as good as yours. I wish there were more “beginner gardening” videos.

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