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Homestead Egg Rolls with Garden Cabbage

Jaimie really enjoys spending time in the kitchen especially in the summer when there is lots of garden produce coming in. Today, she is making the family favorite egg rolls.

It’s an easy recipe so follow along!

More info can be found at our Steemit page:


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Comment (17)

  1. jamie try making cabbage rolls withyour cabbage de-licuous! freat at thanksgiving also family loves them .

  2. When Jamie makes such a large batch of egg rolls, what do you do with the leftovers to keep them cool? We all would just put them in the refrigerator, but when living off grid how do you keep your leftovers cool/safe? Thanks!

  3. I cut the end of my finger off with a mandolin making pub chips and now I don’t use those things anymore

  4. Another video of Jamie. I count it a blessing , when her videos get in my suggestion list. She was a amazing woman.

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