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While living off grid, kitchen appliances will have to be different. Having a limited amount of solar power brings the opportunity to utilize a few appliances while cooking.

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  1. Well it is 2 years on now so I imagine you have a few more devices by now. I live on a boat, but do not want to compromise on living style, but at the same time I try to make everything work off 12 volt batteries. I do have 240 volt but I like to have a low voltage solution. The grain milling is interesting, I’ll have to look around for a very compact one of those. As a blender I use a 12V battery electric drill with an adapter I have made to the various accessories that go with the mixer/immersion blender/smoothie maker. On my gas stove there is a grill … or what America seems to call a broiler, but I do like skillet toast. Pressure cooker, yes. I only started using one recently but it is a whole other world. I’m still exploring what I can do with it. For lighting in my galley I use a Ryobi 18V battery power tool light so I can see clearly while working. I haven’t got one yet but there are chargers to recharge PowerBooks from car batteries.
    I do admire your low tech off grid determination, but I draw the line at the bucket shower. I love my longish hot shower and have a battery powered pressure water system for the shower and tap water with a 45 litre hot water cylinder which is recharged from either diesel or the log fire. Water consumption is equally important on a boat as I operate of 480 liters of tank capacity, and that is water I have to find to refill.

  2. Hey Zach I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of head covering Jamie is wearing. I’ve tried many different things and I like the way hers used to look. I’ve seen her other video about head coverings and all that but I can’t find any that I fully like yet.

  3. OMG…a few comments in and I learned of your loss….DEVASTATED! EXACTLY why I’m leaving the grid for LIVING…I am so sorry!!!

    Thank you for the gift of HER….

  4. These are the things I kept electric, too. Grainmill, blender, handmixer and an old electric coffeemill for my spice mixes and dried mushrooms. We don’t have Lehman’s here in France and I find my old fashioned equipment on yard sales.

  5. I use a stove top percolator.
    HOWEVER. During the non cold season.
    ( cold season normally is December, January and February)
    During the non cold season. I take a 5 gallon bucket with lid, 1 cup coffee and full of water. And let sit in the sun for a day. ( or until emptie)
    Then I stick 1 quart of coffee, from 5 gallon bucket, in my solar oven at night. To be hot next moring.
    I make tea the same way. ( for ice tea) though I use a gallon a day.
    Just ideas from another off gridder.
    I cook bread in my solar oven as well.
    I made my oven. Inside is 18″deep × 18″ tall x 24″ long. It cooks 150 degress from 30 minutes after sunrise to 1 hour before sun set. And can reach 250 degrees for 25% of sunlight ( solar midday.) I can get better. But that not moving with sun.

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