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Milling Whole Wheat Flour – OFF GRID!

When we mill our flour, we do so in big batches. We rarely buy baked goods in town. All of our breads are baked here on the homestead made from scratch! Check out our website for wonderful “Off Grid” recipes. We will be adding more in the future!

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  1. Where and how do you store it to keep bugs etc from happening ? or is it used up fast enough to keep that from happening ?  Thank you =)

  2. You mentioned “one day when the grid does go down you run out of gasoline to run your generator”. Helpful hint is to download instructions from FEMA website on building a Gasifier which was used throughout Europe during WWII. YouTubers have contributed ingenuity in improvements on FEMA’s design. This would surely help you in the future and preparation in using your own resources (wood) from your farm to keep the generator going to continue to mill flour, etc. Thanks for your videos. I always look forward to your presentations. P.S. My brother and sister in-law live in your neck of the woods.

  3. How do you preserve all that flour?  I mill flour then put in the fridge to keep all nutrients in it.

  4. Great Videos. My wife wants to purchase a “Mill” like yours. Where can we do so? When you mill a 3 month supply of flour how do you keep the flour from getting buggy?

  5. I have to say that you have come a long way in making videos. In the first season you didn’t seem so sure of yourself, but now you act like you can star in a series of your own. Your videos sure are a treat to watch and I learn so much, keep up the good work!

  6. Don’t you have a problem with the flour going bad? I have ground up a lot of flour before and I found it starts to have an off taste. We also buy very few breads from the store. Real bread just taste so much better!

  7. Shalom Jamie! Really looking forward to your sourdough video. Saw a post on FB a couple weeks back on the bread and am still anxiously awaiting! Blessings!!!

  8. I’m a bit of an old timer. My grandmother made a bread called “Salt Risen”. It’s great but a bit hard to make because you have to start with a special starter. It’s something you may want to go online & look for. Especially when you get tired of the same old bake goods. 

    My mom said she didn’t have store bought bread until she was in high school. Folks today don’t have an inkling what the older generation did to feed a big family. My parents & grand parents lived through the great depression. 

    Just my 2 cents…LOL

    Enjoying the vids…Thanks

  9. I have been watching videos about homesteading for quite a while now, and only just found your site today!!!  So wonderful to see you and your parents homesteading together.  My mother is an absolute liberal and thinks we have lost our minds!  I don’t say much, but quietly store enough food for them when SHTF, it is hard though to not be supported by family, so it is very nice to see what it could be.  I will be binge watching videos for a while now to catch up…so far I love the vids…you guys make it look effortless. =)

  10. Do you notice a difference in flavor as the flour gets older? I’ve only used my wonder mill a few times but have never processed large batches because I heard that you have to use it in a certain time frame or the quality goes down.

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