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How We Deal With Garden Pests

If you grow a garden, you better have the stones needed to protect and defend it from all the pest pressures that will come along. Creatures from all walks of the landscape will come out to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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  1. Urban gardening is hard ya never know what your going to get
    And we can’t shoot in town so? I plant onions around and try to scare things off

  2. I attach a piece of wire to the ring so that you can attach the ring to the fence. You could also make a drag from a piece of heavy wire or small diameter steel rod.

  3. Great video, these are all problems we don’t really deal with in NM , I’m learning allot

  4. I’ve always used marigolds. Rabbits and deer don’t like the smell. It keeps other pest away also . It works at my house.

  5. Our annual problem critter, are groundhogs. Hubby, 22, and practice from the porch, usually takes care of them!

  6. last year I had a rabbit that was getting into the garden and was eating my carrots, beets and wiped out my broccoli. Every day that bugger would make a new hole. I would block it and it would make a new one. Finally I set a trap and caught it. This year so far, I have had no problems, by the Grace of the Almighty, I hope I dont.

  7. i am expanding my dogs invisible fence to encompass my garden but making the garden an exclusion zone. The dogs will keep the vermin out.

  8. I moved to NE Alabama. The weather’s crazy. Suppose to get to 90 degrees this week after a cold week. Don’t know if it should be spring or summer planting.

  9. Looks basically like a smaller version of the beaver traps that Ben (from VW Family Farms on Youtube) and Al Lumnah (from Lumnah Acres, also on Youtube) uses on occasion. Those things def. get the job done…. lol. 😉

  10. Thank you for showing everything and having the name of the trap . I’ve never heard of the trap before. Bless you.

  11. I mean…or just get a good dog? Rabbits don’t stand a living chance in my garden with our dogs. Emptying your 9mm on account of one rabbit seems like a rather expensive option.

  12. If you find insects on your plants (aphids, for example), gather as many of the pests as you can and puree them in a blender with one part insects two parts water. Make “bug sauce”.
    You can then spray this concoction on the leaves of the plants they affect. A cheap $1 store windex-type spray bottle will do. The bugs smell the overwhelming aroma of their dead relatives and decide this is not a safe place to do their shopping.

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