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Dehydrating NuMex Twilight Hot Peppers!

We are dehydrating a bunch of hot peppers this week and lots of tomatoes from the garden. But we don’t have any electricity, so how do we do this? And I give you a tour of the hot peppers in the garden.

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  1. I’m from Indiana, and never before heard the term, “Hoosierish.” Lol Based on your results, I can only take it to be translated as “Genius.”  I only recently discovered your channel, and am loving catching up on all of these older videos!

  2. HeyAH Im new to your channel and so I dont know if you addressed this or not previously but would you sell me some of the Nu Mex twilight seeds, its ok if you dont do that but I thought Id ask, cant hurt to ask ….

  3. Or we could swap seeds too, I have got some black pearls, a very pretty pepper not to hot maybe like a jalapeno but the plant and leaves are a purple black pods mature from black to red let me know love your channel

  4. That’s a hybrid not a gmo! 2017 Bakers Creek explains the difference well.
    Don’t bother saving those seeds they won’t produce true to the original.

    Send the pepper in to have the Scoville tested.
    Possibly those peppers grow different because of gender of the plant??

  5. The small red peppers are really good in a small bottle of vinegar for pepper sauce used on greens or ham for flavoring. No drying needed, just pick wash and dry and put in a bottle with vinegar over them.

  6. With as many things that you dehydrate and dry you should build a solar powered dryer . Its like a cold smoker except you have solar panel that moves the air through the box. You can dry also dry stuff real quickly without cooking it. The car drying method is great! If you want to dry fruit solar dryer would be what you want. I think permies.com had one in there show. Any if you want to look into it. I think it would be a good fit and project for you.

  7. Build a glass cabinet similar to a solar oven, of course the peppers odors clear the sinuses when driving the car.

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