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Harvesting Sweet Potatoes – Living Off Grid

Its time for the homestead to pull some more produce out of the ground. We did really good this first year and its keeps getting better! Check out the size of these sweet potatoes!

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Comment (19)

  1. I absolutely love you’re channel you guys are seriously an inspiration and truly capture the simplicity and grit of the American spirit. God bless!

  2. How did your sweet potatoes taste? Usually you allow them to cure for a few weeks before eating. Great crop.

  3. If you let the weeds go to seed be prepared to do a whole lot of weeding next year. If I didn’t have time to pull the weeds I’d cut them off at the ground.

  4. big taters, usually will cure just fine. ——-maybe you or some of your watchers might know where i might find some spanish red sweet potatoes

  5. You can get MUCH more yield from just those same few plants you put in, if you remember…that as that vine grows to keep covering it with soil, just leaving the leaves exposed. Everywhere that vine grows it will keep continually growing more sweet potatoes. Don’t ever just let the vine ride above other vegetation as it can’t keep producing more spuds for your table. My grandma taught me that trick. She once had a single shoot, which grew almost 50 ft. in the garden. She kept covering the vine…and harvested almost 50 potatoes off that one shoot. They are a prolific producer. Just passing on the tip.

  6. Sweet potato size, here in The Ohio River Valley, is mostly about time. The longer they’re in the ground the bigger. With a short growing season, and horrible rain windows in Spring, most seasons ya only get 95-110 days. We get decent size .. but if rain and frosts aline just right and we get ’em in between rains in Spring rather than waiting for the rainy season to end a random season we can get 140+ days and they’ll all be giant honkers looking like footballs.

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