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Washing Dishes Off Grid

A very common question that Jaimie gets is how does she wash her dishes and keep a clean kitchen while living off grid? The kitchen at our homestead is a very busy place. We are constantly preserving food and canning meat items as well as curing meats all while not having a faucet. It’s a simple process and not as hard as you might think. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Shalom! Thank you for sharing. I like doing dishes in the winter because it does keep your hand warm:) Blessings!

  2. hmmm… not tried it but it should work….. rinse with sand. Yup like campers…… have a bucket of CLEAN sand … put on plate to remove food particles … soak up liquids etc. dump in a dirty sand bucket. later boil or bake the sand back to steril and put back in clean bucket. After sand rinse wash as she does here, boil, or clorox to sterilize to plates etc..

  3. I’m new to this channel. I got to say it’s your house… Do it your way! It’s your business.Im going off grid and I’ll be happy to watch all your videos. Thank you.

  4. I’m also off grid and without running water so to make the water go further I wash the dishes in a pan that fits in the sink and when the dishes are done I pour the water down the commode to flush it. My house is hard to get to. There is a lot of walking to get the water here, so I make every drop of water count and if water can have multi-purposes, I do that! I also pour my bath water into the commode.

  5. We don’t have running water either. Our “sink” our tubs for now. Awesome tip on pre-rinsing in the dirty water before dumping it. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks!

  6. I dont understand why you just dont have a well. With as much money as you put into some things that are luxuries that i saw, things that were wants instead of needs you could have had well put in already. Also i dont understand why yall make a big deal out of the way your choosing to live. People in other countries have no choice in the way they have to do without. Compared to them you are still living in luxury. Still with that said goodluck!

  7. I grew up mostly with no running water. We hauled our drinking water. Took baths in a round washtub, during the winter we melted snow for laundry water, dishes and bathing. We even at one point hauled water for the farm animals, Horses pigs chickens and the garden, from the creek a few miles down the road from our place. We lacked nothing and had such a wonderful childhood.

  8. I was wondering if you use store bought dish soap or homeade, ive got recipes now for laundry and bath soaps, just need the dish soap for when SHTF! Thanks

  9. Hi. I was actually fascinated how you would wash dishes and everything. In our household, we would wash dishes similarly.
    Let me share something. Because the tap in our kitchen sink rarely runs, we have a bucket and 2 pitchers for storing water. We would get the water from our laundry area outside which has running water and drams (I would get water from the blue dram under the tap.), and sometimes from the tap INSIDE the house when there’s running water (esp. at night). We would use BASINS to wash dishes and rinse dishes twice. We still use sponges though.
    I just felt sharing this to you. I’m from the Philippines btw.

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