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Fresh Homemade Pudding Recipe

Jaimie is making some smooth vanilla pudding in the kitchen this week. It’s an easy process and fun! We hope you will try this simple recipe and REPORT back with success! Your family will love it!

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Comment (18)

  1. I got to tell you something I just got into making sourdough bread, still learning still trying to get it to raise the right amount. But my stomach has felt so much better. Now trying to get my husband to eat more of it. I love it. I love watching your program just found you. Never too old to learn something new.

  2. I grew up adding the eggs with the cold milk and the vanilla at the last as you did. It was smooth and had a wonderful taste. Also used this for coconut pie.

  3. Oh my, it’s got so many chemicals in non organic. It will make us sick. I use organic if I use any at all. The sugar is GMOed and giv s us cancer and awful health, it messes with our organs. Sugar is made from red GMOed beets, how does it get white? We must eat right and
    keep our PH levels up. Real water, findaspring.com and use braggs apple cider vinegar and lemon in it to keep bad cells from forming. But the recipe sounds awesome. Yum!

  4. RIP! I am reading Tehillim everyday in honer of Jaimie in Jerusalem. It is raining or I would go to the old city.

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