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Quick Canning Video – Beef Stock

We helped to butcher a cow with our friends over at Shalom Acres and took away some of the bones of the cow to make beef stock! YUMMY! Jaimie filled the full size All American Canner and put the jars up in the pantry.

You can find all kinds of great articles and videos on our website about canning over an open fire. If you can over gas or propane, you’re just throwing all that savings away by canning your own food.


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  1. great idea with using the pressure cooker to speed up the process. I like the small strainer right in the funnel. another great idea. have you tried using apple cider vinegar in with the water. the acid in it helps break down the bones more so you can get more nutrients from them.

  2. I love my chicken stock, and only takes about 2 hours max with straining and all. I cannot stand to make beef stock inside, gives me a MASSIVE headache. I bought my plastic strainers at wal-mart in 3 sizes for making stock and Kefir. I also use them for my tincture making, too! They are so useful in many ways. How long does that amount typically last you all? I make stock often so I could imagine it would be a ‘often’ thing in your house also.

  3. I absolutely love watching you guys! I have already learned so much since finding your channel a few weeks ago. I look forward to the upcoming gardening videos!

  4. I make my own broth and stock but ALWAYS remove the fat because my body gets very sick when I eat too much of that sort of thing. I tried making tallow candles but now just pour the cleaned tallow into muffin tins to harden and use for fire starters. You could do the same with pine cones dipped in hot tallow. Thanks

  5. Jamie…I would have liked to know a little more about your stock making. Did you add any herbs or vegetables to flavor the broth while cooking it? What about the nutritional value of long and slow versus pressure cooking? (Bone broth quality vs just a stock)And why didn’t you cool the broth first to get the fat off because it seems like you’ll have varied amounts of fat in those jars?? Finally, what types of things do you use the canned broth for? What did you make with the leftover broth?Was the broth flavorful enough to use directly as a soup base from the jar? Sorry! I was left with a lot of practical application questions! ~jennyinseattle

  6. I really enjoy all of your canning recipes, I’ve learned and used some of your techniques! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I would like to get back into canning. I am concerned with the limits of the one use jar lids. Has anyone out there had any real world experience with the Tattler or other reusable lids? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  8. How many bones did you actually start with? What is the name of your pressure cooker? Do u know Where to order the cheapest? Thanks!

  9. Wauw those bones. Have you got a BioCharlie or BioChar retord or killn to BioChar those bones?
    So you can afterwards innoculate and powder them for your veggie garden.

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