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The Battle For Your Garden

Your garden is a battlefield and you the gardener are in a war. This is different for the hobby gardener who is just trying to grow a few plants. But if your family is relying on this produce as a primary food source, doing battle with the enemy means you need to win!

We are in a constant struggle with groundhogs, packrats, moles, deer, aphids, potato beetles and other adversaries that would destroy and steal our food from the the garden. Our weapons of war can only be natural without harmful chemicals.


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  1. If you use humic acid silica sand the plants cell structure will be o hard for insects to eat. plus you will recieve the silica you need…great for your immue system…

  2. Just came across your channel on You Tube, and now, know how to process sunflower seeds, thanks, and subscribed. As watching his film, was hoping you would comment on how o control, squash beetles, squash bugs, whatever they are called. Would love to be able to grow, zucchini, squash, cucumbers and pumpkins, but is all but a loosing battle, some years, they’ve even gone for watermelon and honey dew plants, and seen them on tomato plants! Please, any advice you might share would certainly be appreciated! Gretchen Belken

  3. Just today I got a squirrel with my fully automatic 2014 Ford Focus. . It was coming out of someone else’s garden. I’m always willing to help out a neighbor. LOL

  4. We’ve been homesteading for many years now, but I’ve been led to become Torah observant within the last month, and I need to plan my 60 x 70 ft garden. Question: Do you let the land lie fallow every 7 years, or do you rotate plots by sevens? How do you know when to let it lie fallow?
    (We’re trying to be totally self sufficient in the north-east. Jersey cows, Jacob sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, bees; foraging elderberries, wild leeks and greens in spring. We just got small draft horses for plow power, but still have to learn everything in that realm.)

  5. Why waste 9mm ammo…..cheaper more effective ammo if your a good shot ..22lr ..air riffle….or 22mag….why waste ammo

  6. a cheaper alternative to your conibear traps but requires a little bit of practice is figure 4 Deadfall snares Mojave scissor trap and for birds the Chippewa bird snare can all be made from materials found on the homestead for free once again this requires a little bit of practice

  7. The best solution for us was to get a cat. She is a gopher, rabbit, vole, mouse… killing machine. Also entertaining and cute.

  8. What kind of soil do you use? Do you layer different things. I have never ever gardened before

  9. I mostly get rabbits and squirrels and aphids, cabbage worms as the most common pests here in my garden.

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